Simon Harrison: It’s Getting Better (Video)

I’ve been going through videos in my YouTube subscriptions, and I came across this one this morning. I can really relate to the thoughts this young man expresses in his video, and I suspect that I will be sharing a number of his other videos as well.

From the YouTube subscription:

I know it’s long.

A little after midnight, I took out my camera and began recording anything on my mind. When I got home at 3am, I started playing it back. All night until work at 8am, I worked on this and didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. Until I showed it to a few friends, I finally had enough courage to put this out there…it’s almost like coming out to the world. The ability to be vulnerable this makes feels good, and knowing that it could help someone, makes it easy to handle hater comments.

I came out to my parents at 18. Things were extremely difficult when I already had an interestingly unconventional family. My decision to come out in college came after I pledged halfway into becoming a brother of a popular fraternity on campus. I was terrified of living a lie, dealing with a break-up, and religious convictions. Making everyone think of me as something else would have been the opposite choice of loving and improving myself. Instead of suppressing who I was along with giving my unwarranted situation the opportunity to prevent healing, i helped myself and it has gotten so much better.

Gay Marines – Being “Out” in the Military

Unedited interview with Matt about Coming out

This was posted on one of my favorite YouTube channels, russmarine2014, a few weeks ago. In it, Matt “interviews” his boyfriend (and fellow Marine,) Matt, about his experiences over coming out publicly to his family and friends, etc.

I love the videos that Russ and Matt put up on YouTube. They are refreshingly open, honest, and accepting of themselves in a way that I could never even have conceived of forty years ago, when I was in the Army. I am happy that we have finally come to the point where they can simply be themselves without fear of official repercussions.

After the break, I’ve included a few more of Russ’s videos about coming out in the military, and I definitely recommend watching all of his playlist.

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  • Q&A with my Straight Marine Friends

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