New Gym Equipment

I’ve been going to the gym at the Community Recreation Center in our county seat (about 12 miles away) for the past few months.  They were recently closed for a week and a half for maintenance, during which they had all new exercise equipment installed.  The old equipment had apparently been there since the gym opened 18 years ago.

New treadmills
New treadmills (and new flat screen TVs)
Monitor on the new treadmills
Monitor on the new treadmills.  Nicest feature – an adjustable fan at the top of the monitor.  🙂
Some of the new weight machines
Some of the new weight machines
Some of the new weight machines
Some of the new weight machines
More of the new weight machines, plus my nephew.
More of the new weight machines, plus my nephew adjusting one of the Abdominal/Lower Back machines.  (I didn’t even realize he was there until I snapped the picture.)

One of the other members mentioned that this new equipment is being leased, so if anything breaks down, etc., they can get it repaired or replaced right away. That’s nice, because the old treadmills, for example, could be kind of erratic as to which features were going to work that day when you were using them.

Normally we work out for about one hour when we go, but today we were having so much fun trying out all the equipment that we kept it up for an hour and a half before I finally decided that we had to get going.  (I do have work that needs to get done.)

I never would have thought it would happen, but I actually look forward to going  to the gym regularly now, and I actually felt antsy during the week and a half that they were closed.  If I can keep this up, I should be in great shape by next summer. 🙂

Maybe I should buy a pork pie hat?



This is a quick picture I took yesterday, which shows how short I’m keeping my hair these days.  Not to mention how much thinner my face looks now that I’ve lost 75 lbs.  I weighed in today at 241 lbs.  (Getting there!)

We used to have a deal for haircuts from a barber in town, and when we went in at the beginning of June I asked her to cut it short for the summer.   (It was still about twice as long as this when she cut it.)  Unfortunately she went out of business about a month later, so I bought a home haircut kit and took a stab at it.

I kind of messed up a bit on my first time, so I trimmed it even shorter to even things out and decided I actually like it this short.  It’s easy to maintain – I just run the trimmer over my skull every weekend – and it’s comfortable.  It also feels neat if you rub my (formerly) ginger head for good luck.  ;-D

My brother says that I’ve got a “Walter White” thing going on.  What do you think?  Should I buy myself a pork pie hat and call myself Heisenberg?


Personal Updates

I knew that I hadn’t posted anything here in quite a while, but I didn’t realize that it has been two and a half months.  “Time flies when you’re having fun” (and even when you’re not.)

I did finally get into a routine of going to the gym three times a week for a full hour-long workout, and I’ve been sticking to it for the past couple of months.  A large part of the problem in getting started was just the old rust-bucket that I was driving; it’s a 23 mile round trip to the gym, and I just didn’t trust it not to breakdown on the back roads, miles from anywhere.  I was finally able to buy my brother’s old Cadillac and get it back on the road, so I have a much more comfortable and reliable ride, which is a big help.

My nephew also started going with me, so we kind of goad each other into going when necessary, and my schedule is flexible, so we go in the early afternoon when there is hardly anyone using the equipment.  I’m actually a bit surprised at how well I have taken to going to the gym, considering that I’ve gone out of my way to avoid exercise for most of my life.  The first week was the hardest, naturally – my muscles were bitching up a storm in protest at getting used after all these years – but by the following week that was gone.  Now I actually look forward to challenging myself to do more reps or increase the weight.  It’s also nice to start seeing some results, although I still have a lot of work to do.

2013-07-19Just before the beginning of summer I decided to get my hair cut really really short.  When I was a kid our father always cut our hair himself, and he only believed in old-fashioned flattops.  It wasn’t until I got out of the Army in 1975 that I was able to first start letting my hair grow out, and by the late 70s/early 80s it hung down below my shoulder blades.  It got old after a while, though, because long hair is a real pain in the ass to take care of, and I eventually went with a more conventional hairstyle.  Lately, though, I’ve considered even that length to be a nuisance, and since I was starting to workout I decided to go even shorter.  The nice thing about this hairstyle is that I can just maintain it myself.  (Sorry for the crappy laptop picture.  I’ll have to get my niece to take some new pictures with her digital camera.)

Part of the reason that I have been neglecting this blog is that I have been busy exploring my sexuality over the past few months, discovering what really turns me on, etc., and I just haven’t felt comfortable discussing those issues here, ironically.  I guess that’s because I know that some of my straight friends, including my brother, subscribe to this blog and I’m just reluctant to shock their sensibilities with my kinky side.

Not that I’ve done any exploring in real life, yet.  Again, part of that was the car issue, since I live in the boondocks, but that’s only one small part of the reason.  I’ve been self-conscious about my physical appearance, although I’m getting over that as I continue to loose weight and build up some muscle tone.  I’m also embarrassed by the state of my teeth, and I still have to address that problem.

And finally, so far it seems that every guy I’ve hit off with online lives hundreds or literally thousands of miles away.  I mean, it’s awesome to have friends in England, Germany, Finland, Brazil, California, etc., but it’s not like we are likely to ever meet in person.  And the few guys I’ve met closer to home have all been bottoms, like me, which doesn’t really work out.  So many of the tops I see online are either young and interested in guys their own age, or my age but interested in young twinks.  It’s just a matter of time, though; I’m not giving up hope.  ;-D


About: The Origin of Dunrobin Macdhai

My South Park based alter ego.
The South Park based avatar for my online persona, Dunrobin Macdhai.

I have been using the handle, Dunrobin Macdhai, online for the past couple of decades, but the name originated years earlier than that. Back in the 1970s I got interested in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), which is a group that re-creates medieval culture for fun. When I got out of the Army in 1975 and moved to western New York, I tracked down the local group for the Buffalo area, and through them I met my best friend, Brian.

Brian was the group’s resident Celt, and since I’m of Scottish ancestry I decided to join his “household.” (A group’s status rises as it’s leader gains more followers.) In the SCA you develop a medieval persona, so I decided on a old-style Scottish Highlands parson (sort of a very secular priest) whom I dubbed “Dunrobin Macdhai.” Dunrobin is an old Scots Gaelic name which means Robin’s Hill or Fort (see Dunrobin Castle, for example,) and I took the Macdhai from my own clan history. (The Davidsons were known as Clan Dhai back in the 13th or 14th century.)