95 Year Old Comes Out As Gay

DaveyWavey post this on his wickydkewl YouTube channel:

How does Roman’s story make you feel?

On one hand, it’s the triumphant story of a 95 year old man coming out of the closet – and shedding the weight of a nine-decade secret. That is certainly something worth celebrating!

On the other hand, Roman’s story is also deeply emotional and, at times, quite difficult. At some level, it’s the story of lost opportunities. You can’t help but wonder, had the circumstances been different, how Roman’s story could have ended differently. And you also feel for Roman’s wife. While they undoubtedly loved each other in a deep way, both Roman and his wife deserve passion and sexual intimacy. Did they have that despite Roman being gay? I don’t know.

But despite the story’s complexity, Roman’s desire to feel the heartbeat of someone who loves him is fundamentally human. It’s a simple yearning that drives all of us. In it, we see Roman’s humanity. And we see ourselves.

Flashback Friday: Toto – Africa

Every time that I listen to Toto, I can’t help thinking of this scene from South Park’s “Gnomes” episode:

Mayor of South Park, Colorado [arriving with her aides]: Tomorrow, for the Prop. 10 vote, we’ll set up ballot booths… here. [between the two coffee shops] All right, men, we’ll throw up the stage here. Before the vote we’ll get a band everyone likes, like uhhhh, like…
Johnson: Toto.
Mayor: Like Toto.

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The Strumbellas – We Don’t Know

One of the things I like the most about YouTube’s generated “Mix” playlists is that they slip in an occasional surprise among the many videos that I have already seen and liked, which is how I’ve been stumbling across groups that I’d never heard of before.

The Strumbellas is a Canadian rock group, and this video was my introduction to them. It initially caught my eye because the video reminded me of some of the video games that I’ve seen my brother and his kids play and I thought it was amusing. But it was while I was watching the video over again that I started playing more attention to the lyrics, and that’s when I really fell in love with this song. The song is much darker than the video makes it seem, and I can relate to the sentiments it expresses.

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