The Courage of Robbie Rogers

Robbie Rogers: Ex-Leeds United and USA winger reveals he is gay

United States and ex-Leeds United winger Robbie Rogers says he is “stepping away” from football after announcing he is gay.

Rogers, 25, who was released by Leeds in January after a loan spell at Stevenage, is only the third footballer to publicly declare his homosexuality.

“I always thought I could hide this secret. Football was my escape, my purpose, my identity,” said Rogers.

“Now is my time to step away. It’s time to discover myself away from football.”

The Football Association said it would fully back Rogers, regardless of whether he continues his career.

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Prayers for Bobby (2009)

A TV movie starring Sigourney Weaver, Prayers for Bobby is the movie that pushed me into rethinking my own religious beliefs, which had kept me mentally trapped in the closet for so many years. This is a true story about a woman named Mary Griffith, whose fanatical religious bigotry towards homosexuals drove her gay son to commit suicide. Her grief over his death – and her own responsibility for it – led Mrs. Griffith to re-explore her beliefs and what they did to young gays struggling to come to terms with who they are. Mary Griffith eventually became involved in PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), actively campaigning for gay rights.
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Were The World Mine (2008)

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I nearly passed up this movie.  The description of it mentioned musical sequences and I don’t usually care for musicals (gay stereotypes not withstanding.)  I finally decided to give it a shot last week and immediately fell in love with the movie.  I like it so much that I’ve watched it at least a half dozen times over the past few days on HuluPlus, and decided to do my first review on it.
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