A Comedian Who Makes More Sense Than Most Politicians

steve_berkeSteve Berke is a comedian who made a run for mayor of Miami Beach last year, challenging long term mayor Matti Bower. He didn’t succeed in his quest for office, unfortunately, but he does have a couple of great pro-marijuana music videos on YouTube. Berke is unabashedly against the so-called “war on drugs,” and makes the demand for (re)legalization of weed in both of these videos.

First up is “Should Be Legalized” Eminem – Love The Way You Lie Parody by Steve Berke. I believe this video was part as part of his mayoral campaign, but don’t hold me to that.

This second video, Pot Shop – Macklemore Thrift Shop Parody, came out recently, and was apparently made in celebration for the successful marijuana legalization initiatives in Colorado and Washington states, and once again Berke is calling for the re-legalization everywhere.

This “war on drugs” is stupid, vile and basically criminal in nature. We the people need to put an end to it.

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