A New Home (in more ways than one)

I realize that it has been many months since I posted anything here, but I hope to start improving on that. For one thing, I’ve given up posting on Facebook. I’ve been unhappy with FB for a long time, but the final straw was when I discovered the other day that I could not share a YouTube video there, which was apparently due to deliberate censorship on FB’s part. Facebook is a private site, so they can do what they want, but they can do it without me. Screw them.

However, I am going to try to start sharing and commenting on articles that interest me here, instead of on the social sites like Facebook and Google+. If the NSA is going to spy on what I have to say, at least I can make them work at it a little. 😉

Another thing that has kept me distracted has been my home life. I have been getting increasingly frustrated with my situation, and I finally decided to make a clean break with the past and start over again. I had lived in the same place for almost 22 years, and I was stuck in a rut. I just moved to another city (still in Michigan) where I can be closer to my brother and begin life in a nice place that isn’t dreary and depressing. 🙂

I still have a lot to do before I’ve finished furnishing and decorating my new home, but I am thrilled to be living in such a roomy, pleasant place. Here are a few quick pictures that I took the other day as I wandered about the place putting things away:

Looking into the living room from the central hall.
Looking into the living room from the central hall.




Looking into my bedroom from the central hallway:

Looking into my bedroom.  (Naturally there are Three Stooges pictures above my headboard.  lol)
Looking into my bedroom. (Naturally there are Three Stooges pictures above my headboard. lol)

I like the way the bathroom is laid out; the toilet and bathtub are separate from the sink/dressing area:




The kitchen and dining room area is so open and airy compared to what I had before:



And here is the view out my dining room windows:



The house is on a main road, so there is a good amount of traffic during the day, but after two decades of living out in the boondocks I’m find that the road noise doesn’t bother me, especially when I consider that just about every store I would normally go to is within a mile of where I am living.

As I said, I still have quite a lot to do before I’ll be completely satisfied with how everything is arranged, and I need things like new lamps and pictures, etc. But I am well on my way, and I am so much happier living here. Now if the warm weather will finally settle in and stay! lol

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"Dunrobin MacDhai" is a name I picked for myself decades ago, when I was in the SCA, in tribute to my Scots heritage. I always liked the Scottish name Dunrobin, and MacDhai is a Gaelic variation on my family's Clan name. I am a gay man in my sixties who finally accepted himself and came back out of the closet after more than 30 years of celibacy. A lover of Liberty, I am an anarchist and do not believe in the myth of "authority", whether it's the "State" or organized religion.

2 thoughts on “A New Home (in more ways than one)”

  1. C’mon Rob, no Stooge fan worth his salt doesn’t have a shrine to Larry Fine in his house (or perhaps yours is in the garage). OK, I stole that idea off of a Married With Children episode.

    All kidding aside, nice job on the new place, and as far as Facebook, I stay far away from it for several reasons, some of which you’ve touched on. You’ll likely reach me with more liberty minded posts by posting here, but then again, that’s preaching to the choir anyway.

    Glad you’re doing well.

  2. Thanks, Doug! I haven’t set up a shrine to Larry yet, but I am still working on the basement, where I am setting up my office area, etc. 😉

    After 20+ years of living in a place that went steadily downhill over the years and became run-down, dark, gloomy and depressing, it is such a relief to live in a nice, bright, airy home again. This place is at least twice as big (even more if you include the basement,) so I’m getting more exercise just going from room to room. lol Plus, I’ve already noticed an improvement in my attitude from being in more pleasant surroundings and no longer feeling trapped in my previous circumstances.

    There is an added bonus, too, which I was hoping for – I’ve already met someone locally. We’ve only chatted online so far, but we have a date this Saturday for dinner and a movie. (I’m taking him to see the new Captain America movie.)

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