New Gym Equipment

I’ve been going to the gym at the Community Recreation Center in our county seat (about 12 miles away) for the past few months.  They were recently closed for a week and a half for maintenance, during which they had all new exercise equipment installed.  The old equipment had apparently been there since the gym opened 18 years ago.

New treadmills
New treadmills (and new flat screen TVs)
Monitor on the new treadmills
Monitor on the new treadmills.  Nicest feature – an adjustable fan at the top of the monitor.  🙂
Some of the new weight machines
Some of the new weight machines
Some of the new weight machines
Some of the new weight machines
More of the new weight machines, plus my nephew.
More of the new weight machines, plus my nephew adjusting one of the Abdominal/Lower Back machines.  (I didn’t even realize he was there until I snapped the picture.)

One of the other members mentioned that this new equipment is being leased, so if anything breaks down, etc., they can get it repaired or replaced right away. That’s nice, because the old treadmills, for example, could be kind of erratic as to which features were going to work that day when you were using them.

Normally we work out for about one hour when we go, but today we were having so much fun trying out all the equipment that we kept it up for an hour and a half before I finally decided that we had to get going.  (I do have work that needs to get done.)

I never would have thought it would happen, but I actually look forward to going  to the gym regularly now, and I actually felt antsy during the week and a half that they were closed.  If I can keep this up, I should be in great shape by next summer. 🙂

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