Maybe I should buy a pork pie hat?



This is a quick picture I took yesterday, which shows how short I’m keeping my hair these days.  Not to mention how much thinner my face looks now that I’ve lost 75 lbs.  I weighed in today at 241 lbs.  (Getting there!)

We used to have a deal for haircuts from a barber in town, and when we went in at the beginning of June I asked her to cut it short for the summer.   (It was still about twice as long as this when she cut it.)  Unfortunately she went out of business about a month later, so I bought a home haircut kit and took a stab at it.

I kind of messed up a bit on my first time, so I trimmed it even shorter to even things out and decided I actually like it this short.  It’s easy to maintain – I just run the trimmer over my skull every weekend – and it’s comfortable.  It also feels neat if you rub my (formerly) ginger head for good luck.  ;-D

My brother says that I’ve got a “Walter White” thing going on.  What do you think?  Should I buy myself a pork pie hat and call myself Heisenberg?


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"Dunrobin MacDhai" is a name I picked for myself decades ago, when I was in the SCA, in tribute to my Scots heritage. I always liked the Scottish name Dunrobin, and MacDhai is a Gaelic variation on my family's Clan name. I am a gay man in my sixties who finally accepted himself and came back out of the closet after more than 30 years of celibacy. A lover of Liberty, I am an anarchist and do not believe in the myth of "authority", whether it's the "State" or organized religion.

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