Zombie-like Re-blogging

I am on Tumblr every day (hey – there’s a lot of gay porn out there!) and have been since early March of last year. One of the first things I saw on Tumblr is the following image of a “Missing” poster for a Massachusetts teen:

Matthew Glass missing poster

I have seen this image re-blogged on Tumblr many dozens of times, but that is just the postings I happened to stumble across. This particular image has been “Liked” and or re-blogged on Tumblr over 91,000 times. Now I am sure that every single one of those people did so because they are nice, caring people who think they are doing something to help. It is great that so many people are compassionate, but wouldn’t it be nice if they actually bothered to think about what they are about to do?

When I first saw the poster I was inclined to re-blog it too, naturally. But unlike my fellow Tumblr bloggers, I actually wanted to know what had happened to the boy, since he had disappeared a year and a half before I saw the poster. So I did what I would think should be an obvious thing to do; a quick Google search before re-blogging. While the following image is a screenshot I just took this morning, it is essentially the same thing I saw in March 2013:

Screenshot - Matthew Glass Google search

It took a fraction of a second to learn that Matthew was not missing anymore, and in fact had returned home the next day.

My point is simple. Instead of just settling for the appearance of compassion, why not take a few moments to check on something like this rather than re-blogging it like a brain-dead zombie?

< / end of rant> 😉