Teach a Child to Think, Not Just Memorize

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That is my biggest complaint with “public education.” They don’t teach children to think at all, but to just memorize the approved “facts” given to them. That is why so many Americans today are completely lost and helpless when presented with a situation outside of what they’ve been taught.

Parents – stop abandoning your responsibility to educate your children and turning them over to strangers!

Two men viciously attacked while others stand and watch

The picture, above, and story, below, come from XL Nightclub‘s Facebook page:

We’re sharing this to help stop violence against our community. It happened yesterday in our neighborhood. Here’s an account by the couple that was attacked:

“My name is Nick. My partner Kevin and I got jumped yesterday in broad daylight in midtown. A group of men wearing Knicks jerseys just got out of the game at Madison Square Garden. We were verbally accosted by two of them… It was then that I realized we were surrounded. They broke my nose and his wrist…they called us fags and told us to not bother fighting. This event happened just outside Macdonalds where they were caught on tape and several by-standers had their cameras out taking video. Despite this, police have informed us that they couldn’t promise anything as there were a ton of fans in the city at that moment.

…This is just proof that the fight for equality is far from over. This happened in Midtown, during the day, with a ton of people around, just across the street from the New Yorker. When are we safe?”

“…and several by-standers had their cameras out taking video.”

That is just downright shameful. Have Americans become so gutless that they stand around recording violence instead of doing anything to stop it? Have we all become so self-centered and useless that all people can do is wait around for the police? What if these guys had been beaten to death before the cops got there?

I have nothing but contempt for those who just stood around and let this happen uncontested. You are immoral, gutless cowards, and I am ashamed of you almost as much as I am of the vicious bullies who made the attack.

To answer Nick’s question at the end of his story, we are never completely safe –  that’s just a fact of life – and politicians constantly make us less safe by denying people the tools to defend themselves.  If it weren’t for New York’s immoral and draconian gun-control laws, these goons might have thought twice about attacking in the first place, or they at least might have had the chance to warn them off by drawing a firearm.  (Far more crime is stopped at the mere sight of a gun than is committed using them, despite the bullshit  spewed out by Statists to a gullible public.)

Guns were called “the great Equalizer” for a good reason.  They can put a more vulnerable person on an equal footing with a more powerful thug.  That’s why the political class hates private ownership of guns so much, because politicians are cowardly and bullies at heart.