Albert Einstein on the Income Tax

Albert Einstein on the Income Tax

What I don’t understand about the income tax is how a free people could ever accept the principle of slavery that it represents. The underlying basis for the income tax is that someone – in this case, the politicians calling themselves “the government” – claims to have a better right to the fruits of your labor than you do yourself, and to have the right to decide how much of your own labor you are allowed to keep.

That is the very definition of slavery.

Reports suggest NFL is preparing for a major ‘coming out’ announcement – LGBTQ Nation

The head of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) said that the league’s union has been working hard to prepare players for the “unavoidable announcement” that an NFL player will soon come out as gay.

NFLDomonique Foxworth, President of the NFLPA, told a Baltimore radio station this week that his organization has had “quite a few meetings with a number of organizations” to help educate and prepare players.

“It’s important that we educate our guys and be ready for this inevitability,”he told WNST Radio.

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Reports suggest NFL is preparing for a major ‘coming out’ announcement – LGBTQ Nation.

Robbie Rogers: why coming out as gay meant I had to leave football

Robbie Rogers needs to be brave again on another freezing morning in east London. Even walking down the stairs to open the big black door to his apartment takes courage – for this is how the next stage begins. Once the door swings open he will be back on an emotionally bruising ride into the open.

It helps that, last month, Rogers told the world the truth about himself in 408 crisp words which, on his website, confirmed that, “Life is simple when your secret is gone. Gone is the pain that lurks in the stomach at work, the pain from avoiding questions, and at last the pain from hiding such a deep secret.”

Rogers, who has represented the United States in 18 international football matches, was signed by Leeds United in January 2012. His time at the club was blighted by injury but he played briefly for Leeds and this season, on loan, for Stevenage. He left Leeds “by mutual consent” three months ago.

Rogers then became only the second gay footballer in Britain to come out in public. Justin Fashanu, his solitary predecessor, hanged himself in 1998 in Shoreditch, just a short walk from where Rogers now lives.

“Secrets can cause so much internal damage,” Rogers wrote. “People love to preach about honesty, how honesty is so plain and simple. Try explaining to your loved ones after 25 years you are gay.”

Rogers, from a close-knit conservative Christian family in America, has kept the world at a safe distance since coming out. He has been besieged with large offers of money for interviews and contracts, as well as moving emails from thousands of people who have thanked him or asked how they might uncover the truth about themselves. Rogers has turned down every money-man; but he has written to some ordinary people. Today marks a big step forward for himself and, as he says, “people like me.”

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Latter Days (2003)

Latter Days (2003) Easily one of my favorite gay romances, Latter Days is the story of a “promiscuous gay party animal falls for a young Mormon missionary, leading to crisis, cliché, and catastrophe.” (IMDb)

Wes Ramsey plays the pretty but shallow party boy, Christian, who works at Lila’s restaurant in L.A. with his roommate, Julie, an aspiring musician.  When a group of young Mormon missionaries move in next door in their complex, Christian (with Julie’s support) makes a bet with two other co-workers that he can seduce one of the Mormons and get his “sacred undies” as a trophy.

Steve Sandvoss co-stars as Elder Aaron Davis, the shy young Mormon from Pocatello, Idaho, who Christian quickly sets his sights on.  While Ramsey is very beautiful, Sandvoss is just downright gorgeous; in the film he radiates an angelic innocence and sincerity that makes him irresistible.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played Tommy Solomon in the 3rd Rock From the Sun TV series, has a supporting role as Elder Paul Ryder, one of Aaron’s fellow missionaries.

Latter Days is available on Hulu and Amazon Instant Video ($2.99 to rent/ $9.99 to own,) and is also available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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