We Are All Getting Royally Screwed

My brother works part-time at a tobacco store, and we were discussing the price of cigarettes recently.  The “low cost” cigarettes in Michigan these days are roughly $5.00 a pack.  (They are over $10 a pack in New York state.)  When I first came back to Michigan in 1988, the average price for the big-name brands was only 75 cents.  That’s one hell of a jump in 25 years.

Naturally, I got curious about how much of the current price was state-imposed cost, as opposed to inflation, so I went to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis web site, which has a handy inflation calculator on its home page.  (Excuse me, “Consumer Price Index” calculator.)  According to them, something that used to cost 75 cents in 1988 will now cost $1.48, so roughly $3.50 of the present price for a pack of cigarettes has been added on by the state, through new taxes, regulations and lawsuits imposing “reparations.”  Seventy percent of the consumer’s cost is the government picking his pocket, and that’s just here in Michigan.  That’s pretty damned obscene and immoral, when you think about it.

Then it hit me.  The dollar is literally worth only half of what it was worth just a lousy 25 years ago?  I knew that we have had creeping inflation my entire adult life (thank you very fucking much, Richard Nixon,) but until recently it has been gradual enough that it doesn’t really hit you until you look back.

A while back I used the Fed’s own calculator to track the purchasing power of the Federal Reserve Notes since they were first fobbed off on a gullible public 100 years ago.  The data is available in an Excel workbook at the end of this article.  I made the following chart from the results:

US Dollar Purchasing Power chart


The “dollar” today is essentially worthless compared to 100 years ago.  How is that for a successful scam?  The banksters have literally stolen the wealth of the nation in just one century, leaving us with nothing but debt – to them!

Which explains why the government has been steadily militarizing our local police, transforming them into small armies of occupation who now feel free to terrorize the populace, all in the name of their “wars” against drugs and terrorism (which are really wars against us and our Natural rights.)  It also explains why the government has been busily stockpiling excess ammunition.  As moronic as politicians and government bureaucrats can seem, they obviously aren’t complete idiots.  They have to know that this scam cannot be played out for much longer, and that people are going to be seriously pissed off once they finally realize how badly they’ve been screwed over.

Decline of the US Dollar  (Excel workbook)


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